Severin says… Listen.

I’m listening to them right now actually, Tan Dollar that is, and i’m liking what I hear, a lot. There are some really good tunes sticking through the fuzzy vocals, and some very catchy tunes they are too, vocals are droning but interesting enough to stand out over the rest of the track, a bit like a slightly speedier Crystal Stilts though Tan Dollar don’t sound much like them at all, more reminiscent of bands like Male Bonding and Active Child. Make up your own mind here.

There are lots of free downloads around too; on their last fm page and on their own blog you can download previous eps. Most recently they have released a split tape on Bathectic with Weed Diamond ( mine should hopefully be on it’s way in the post now!).

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One Response to Music.

  1. Awesome to see some attention for my pals Tan Dollar… I just put out out a 13 song CD for Weed Diamond today, check out for an MP3 and info, or shoot me an email if you want to hear more!

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