Severin says… Enter.

The Impressions Gallery in Bradford are holding a photography competition open to everyone in conjunction with the new exhibition ‘ On Overgrown Paths‘ by Ben Rivers. The competition is entitled ‘Where Is Your Wilderness’ and is open from today until Monday 2nd August. It is free to enter too and you could win a prize! Full details here.

The magazine Peeping Tom are holding an open call for submission for their next artist book publication, you do not need to enter any specific project either if you don’t want, just a link to your website if you so wish. The call is to anyone or any artistic profession whether it be painter, film maker, writer or musician so we urge all of you to have a look at the details and give it a go.  Why not.

While you are thinking have a look at the previous release, ‘Carne De Lucio‘ by Lucio Gerondo, a series of four collected note books full or drawings, painting, urgency and detail. It is pretty interesting stuff to say the least.

Good luck everyone.

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