Severin says… Listen.

Free records for all!

12rec is a free record label, that’s right folks all you see is free. Just digital mind you but nevertheless you get full albums, regular mp3 or flac if you prefer. 12rec is a german based netlabel and it offers some really, really good stuff, such as Crepusculum beautifull, instrumental guitar based melodies and Milhaven who sound like a less electro 65days or maybeshewill. There is also work from Nicolas Bernier and Simon Trottier of Timber Timbre, and a whole back catologue that not even us have worked our way through yet.

Severin says… 12rec rules.

Beko Digital singles club, is another free record label!

Great news, and this is another that we have yet to break the surface of, there are just so many back catalogue releases that Holmes and I just don’t quite know where to start. I do know that Tan Dollar have a single on there which is great, as do memory house and pink preist!

There is alot of intriguing art work, and the images and information are laid out as if a real cd single (I think any graphic arts students might like this just that little bit more). Have fun trawling.

Friendship Bracelet are not a free label, but do give away free mp3 versions of most if not all releases so far.

A music blog and compilation label that provides cd/tape compilations with awesome track listings, loads of great new american lofi, garage, blissed out type stuff, there are four volumes so far and you can either download them all or order the last three on physical versions, or both.

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