Severin says… Cycle.

A couple of cycling events to let you know about today.

First up is the Sky Ride season, a little late to be putting you on this but we forgot sorry, anyways the Sky Rides are free events that anyone can take part in, a whole section of a big town/city is closed off to traffic and you are able to cycle freely around the course. There are other events mixed in such as workshops races and activities relating to cycling, you can ride any kind of push bike as long as it’s road worthy and invite as many friends as you like, as long as you rgister first.

The closest one to here is Bradford which is at the end of the month, there is also a series of smaller, local rides taking place which are worth checking out if you are into cycling that is. Have fun.

Secondly we have the Blackpool Nocturne, this is a large event taking place on August 21st which will feature some pro riders racing around a city centre circuit which begins and ends on the promenade near the tower.

Again this is a free event for everyone to go and watch, there will be smaller races and competitions on to if you have a folding bike and fancy racing it then this is the night for you. The whole event will be lit up with both Blackpool lights and the most amzing looking Brilliance Light show which the riders will ride through as part of the course, looks good enough to go to. See you there.

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