Severin says… Listen.

The pre order is finally available for Timber Timbre‘s debut UK release, the self titled album is out on the 20th of this month (on Full Time Hobby) and if you haven’t heard of him yet then shame on you.

The pre-order comes with an exclusive 6 track live ep, which sucks for me because it means I will have to buy a new copy just to get this ep, having already ordered his first album in from america at the start of summer. So after having listened to it very nearly constantly over the past couple of months I recomend it, well reccomend is not strong enough a word, BUY THIS ALBUM. (Fans of Castanets, William Elliot Whitmore and The Duke and The King would be fools not to check this out.)

Full Time Hobby also currently still have a “summer” vinyl sale on, which includes White Denim’s Fits, School of Seven Bells’ Alpinisims and Malcolm Middleton’s Waxing Gibbous all for only £4 each! for a full 12″ record I remind you. Plus each order comes with a randon test pressing which could be from any current album, need I assure you that these test pressings will be very rare.

*Sign up to the Full Time Hobby mailing list and you get a free download of the single Demon Host. Plus there is a Day Trotter session from January this year for full free download from here.

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