Severin says… Listen.

White Lung are a punk, post-punk female fronted band from Canada. Ever cautious of rock bands with girls in, (as we’re girls we’re allowed to say this), we actually rather like them. They have managed what Rolo Tomassi have managed, to be a female fronted band but not have the tendency to be pretentious and annoying.

Their latest release ‘It’s The Evil’ is available from Deranged Records, they also previous releases available from Hockey Dad Records. You can also find a free mp3 to download from the Hockey Dad Records artists page, and one on the blog Built On A Weak Spot.

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One Response to Music.

  1. Alexander Patrick Shough says:

    miss tomassi will one day be mrs. shough

    i dont think girl bands mean to be pretentious about it all; but their lauded by music press because ‘holy shit.. vagoo!’ much like in porn.

    speaking of..

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