Severin says… Buy.

Big Scary Monsters and Alcopop! have teamed up to make this awesome compilation/sampler, We Ruined His Birthday With An Invisible Balloon, with tracks from bands including Talons, Tall Ships and Ute, the line up is pretty good.

Thats not all though the cd is only £2 with any other purchase or you can pay what you like for a digital version, the best bit though is that each one comes with a PRIZE!

See here:

1 x Phone call on your birthday from your BSM or Alcopop band of choice
1 x Copy of every BSM and Alcopop release in 2011
1 x date with Gareth Amwell Jones from My First Tooth
1 x Catalogue Number (ALCOPOP039) dedicated to you
1 x Your face on a future Alcopop digital sampler
1 x Your face on the BSM website masthead
1 x Inclusion in My First Tooth promo photo
1 x Sight-seeing trip round Aarhus with Mimas
1 x Piss-taking trip to Hereford to mock Joe Idle Hands (includes Jarvis cocktails with Talons at Manhattans)
1 x Cup of Tea with Men
1 x photo of Tall Ships dressed as women at Halloween
1 x Matt Emery (Stagecoach) set in your house
3 x Digital copy of every BSM and Alcopop release in 2010
5 x Free postage on all purchases from BSM and Alcopop webstores for the year
5 x Sets of assorted BSM and Alcopop posters
5 x Pulled Apart By Horses comics (from the sold out Meat Balloon 7” single)
10 x One back catalogue BSM or Alcopop CD of choice
10 x Free tickets to any BSM or Alcopop band show
10 x BSM100 DVD/CD compilation
10 x Choice of any one BSM or Alcopop release, digitally
10 x £5 credit from BSM or Alcopop webstore
10 x Random gift packs
10 x BSM and Alcopop t-shirts/hats
100 x 10% off vouchers from BSM and Alcopop webstores

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