Volunteering and Oportunitys.

This will be a growing list of oportunitys available for people to work in different locations and areas of the arts community.

*If you know of any other opporunitys please let us know and we can add them on.


*Harewood House, Leeds- job opportunitys and volunteer work in various different areas.

*Leeds City Galleries and Museums– various volunteer work and internships, though some is just for under 18s.

*Leeds City Varities, Leeds- though closed for refurbishments at the moment they will be looking for volunteers soon for when they re-open.

*Opera North, Leeds- work experience at various times of the year, each slot is for around a week.

* Pavillion Gallery, Leeds- internships and volunteering.

*Project Space Leeds (PSL), Leeds- volunteering for events and invigilating.

* The Art Market, Leeds- volunteering for all kinds of activites at a great space and gallery.

*Royal Armouries, Leeds- job opportunities.

*West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds- job opportunities and some volunteer work when needed/listed.


* The Bradford Playhouse– volunteer and creative projects work.

*Bradford Theatres– job opportunitys and some volunteer work.

*Impressions Gallery– volunteering sometimes.


*Square Chapel– job opportunities and some volunteer work when needed.


* York City Art Galleries – volunteering for a range of activities and regular shifts, various York gallery locations.


*WhiteChapel– apprenticeships, internships, job opportunitys.

* The Invisible Dot– comedy venue, promotional staff and volunteers.